Call for Nominations for the WSFMC Official Board

The Nominating Committee has begun their work to prepare a slate of nominees for election to the Official Board at the Annual Society Meetingon Sunday, June 11th.

We are seeking input from any and all who attend WSFMC. Who do you think has the gifts and graces to lead our church family in this capacity? Has God placed it upon your own heart to consider serving on the Board?

If you would like to be considered for nomination or would like to suggest someone for consideration (don’t worry we will talk to them first!), please speak with a member of the Nominating Committee or e-mail by April 1.

We also request your prayers for this process as God reveals His plans and shapes the leadership for His church.

Merlette Schnell (Chair), Kendra Desmarais, Angie Beach, Ken Imlach, Pastor Jason (ex-officio)

2017 Nominating Committee