The LifePlan has become a roadmap of sorts.  We use this as a way of determining what we believe God wants us to be and do.  It is a denominational diagnostic and has proven itself very useful to us over the years.  Through facilitated discussions, surveys, questionnaires and evaluations, we've come to the conclusion that God desires us to involve and invest ourselves in four key components: Worship God, Do Life Together, Serve our Community and Serve our World.

These are big words and we're certain they mean something else to everyone, so here is how we would define them:

Worshipping God: responding with thankfulness, praise, obedience and joy to God as he reveals himself

Doing Life Together:  the beginning and deepening of relationships, whether we've been in the church for a long time or a short time; carrying for the needs of those who are hurting--rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn; being more and more a Christian community that is inclusive and seeks to demonstrate Jesus' love to anyone regardless of their background, education level or sexual orientation

Serving our Community: Being Jesus' salt and light in, primarily, the neighbourhoods of West Springs and Cougar Ridge but also to this great city of ours

Serving our World: Being Jesus' salt and light beyond our city and province to this great nation of ours and our world

To get a thorough picture of our LifePlan background, click our LifePlan summary

Beyond this theory is our practice of submitting everything we do to these four components.  Does our programming help us live out these four key components?  If so, great.  If not, then we have a decision to make: should we even be doing them?

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Email the office if you're interested in receiving some documents that will explain things further.